Social Video AI

Turn social video noise into deep insights

Over 64% of consumers watch social video reviews before buying products. With over 700 hours of videos being uploaded every minute to YouTube, it’s impossible for brands to watch them all, understand what they’re saying, let alone how they impact their customers.


Vimix Social Video AI watches and analyzes 100s of hours of social videos about your brand's products. Apart from saving time and headache, here are some of the use-cases that we enable for your brand:

Video Sentiment

Gain deep insights from AI analysis of micro-influencers’ spoken words, facial expressions and user comments.

Find out how positively or negatively social videos impact and influence your customers.


Find the best micro-influencers creating the most engaging videos about your brand. Work with them and acquire their videos for your next video marketing campaign.


Discover what consumers are saying about your competitors’ brands and products, globally, at scale. Get a deep, detailed understanding of what they’re thinking and feeling.

Brand Monitoring and Alerts

Vimix automates social video listening and analysis for your brand and products, powered by AI. Get real time alerts of customer sentiment shifts.

See Vimix in action

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