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Vimix Video Challenges

Vimix watches, listens, analyzes and understands hours of social videos about your brand’s products, delivering insights about what your customers are really paying attention to.

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Social videos impact brand revenue

Up to 64% of consumers watch social video reviews before buying products. With
over 700 hours of videos being uploaded every minute to YouTube, it’s impossible for brands to watch them all, understand what they’re saying, let alone how they impact their business.

Vimix discovers and analyzes social videos about your products using Computer Vision, AI and Data Science

Sentiment Analysis

Insights from spoken words, facial expressions and user comments. Find out how positively or negatively social videos influence your customers.

Best Influencers

Discover your best, most engaging influencers and what are they're saying. Connect with them for your next product launch or marketing campaign.

Attention metrics

Our proprietary AI breaks down videos into thousands of attributes, combines them with engagement data, to let you see what's inside the video that gets more attention.

Triggers and actions

Set custom notifications to take action in real-time based on social video insights and optimize your video marketing spend and ROI.

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